Sandra Haas grew up in the Midwest and adopted a good work ethic, grounded mindset, and compassion for other people in all that she does.

She is experienced in spiritual study and growth, workshop intensives, recognition of purpose in life and business, practical and organizational skills, relationships, mind/body connection, and much more.

25 years of experience with these practices have assisted her in developing a sense of self outside of conditioning and has allowed her to fine-tune her craft.

She continues to share the knowledge she has gained along her journey, and has developed a strong intuition and ability to see what lies within the energy around her and within other people.

Sandra graduated from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe Arizona with an Associates of Occupational Studies. This degree holds a concentration in Mind/Body Transformational Psychology with certifications in Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, and Holistic Nutrition. She also holds two certifications from Clayton College of Natural Health as a Family Herbalist and Consulting Herbalist.

Sandra focuses on providing support through assisting her client’s in using forward thinking thoughts.

We work from the present moment using goal setting, affirmations and honesty with self. Strategic steps are also taken to clear blocks that are inhibiting a full, well rounded path in life.


People are innately curious
about themselves.

We are born clear and as we grow we develop conditioned behavior that takes us further and further form our source. Sandra is able to provide support to the client in assisting them in recognizing inner cues they are receiving from source. This awareness will in turn bring an ease to life and assist them in knowing the difference between egoic thought and spiritual cues and connection.


I feel human beings are best served
by looking within.

Pointing fingers and expecting others to change so one can feel better is dis empowering. When one takes responsibility for their actions whether the actions taken are good, bad, or indifferent it grows personal power. When one person makes a positive change it effects the rest of the world!


Having an energy reading with Sandra is the beginning of a transformation in your life.

We are all made of energy that resides around us and within us. This field of energy contains valuable information that perhaps you are unable to see. This information is very often seen by others, but we can be blind to it if we are not tuned in to our intuitive cues. Sandra has the ability to see this energy around you and within you and see valuable information that resides there.

Life coaching and energy reading go well together because once the information you are seeking (or not aware of) comes to the surface, it is a time to sort it out and move forward with grace.


This is a beautiful opportunity to create a new mindset.

Set new goals, release old feelings & beliefs

Create a brand new lease on what is next for you.

  • Are you looking to strengthen your relationships at home or at the office? Do you have dreams, goals, or visions that have yet to be reached?
  • Do you feel lost or uncertain about your role in this ever-changing world?
  • Are you ready to take your life to the next level?
  • Are you ready to take responsibility for yourself?

Sandra is putting her skills in comprehensive wellness to use.  She is focused on structuring the entire person with empowerment and ownership of self.  A session with Sandra will bring clarity, balance, and an open language for change.  The client will be guided to see their life as their own creation, not as a result of their conditioned beliefs.

Get started on your New YOU today!
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